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Sozial- und Rechtspsychologie
Universität Bonn
Institut für Psychologie
Kaiser-Karl-Ring 9
53123 Bonn

Imhoff, R., Banse, R., Schmidt, A. F., Bernhardt, J., & Dierksmeier, A. (in press). An Inkblot for Sexual Preference: Broadening the applicability of the Affect Misattribution Procedure. Cognition and Emotion.

Imhoff, R., & Banse, R. (in press). Implicit and explicit attitudes towards ex-partners differentially predict breakup adjustment. Personal Relationships.

Imhoff, R., Schmidt, A. F., Nordsiek, U., Luzar, C., Young, A. W. & Banse, R. (in press). Viewing Time Effects Revisited: Prolonged Response Latencies for Sexually Attractive Targets under Restricted Task Conditions. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Banse, R., Schmidt, A. F., & Clarbour, J. (2010). Indirect Measures of Sexual Interest in Child Sex Offenders: A Multi-Method Approach. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 37, 319-335.

Al Tamimi, N., Jaiswal, T., Grau, I., Banse, R. (2009). Developing a test battery to assess determinants of marital relationship satisfaction in Saudi Arabia. Interpersona, 3 (2)

Banse, R., Gawronski, B., Rebetez, C., Gutt, H., Morton, J. B. (2009). The Development of Spontaneous Gender Stereotyping in Childhood: Relations to Stereotype Knowledge and Stereotype Flexibility. Developmental Science, 1-9.

Ceschi, G., Banse, R., & Van der Linden, M. (2009). Implicit but stable: Mental imagery changes explicit but not implicit anxiety. Swiss Jounal of Psychology, 68 (4), 213-220.

Gawronski, B., LeBel, E. P., Peters, K. R., Banse, R. (2009). Methodological Issues in the Validation of Implicit Measures. Comment on De Houwer, Teige-Mocigemba, Spruyt, and Moors (2009). Psychological Bulletin, 135, 369-372.

Imhoff, R., & Banse, R. (2009). Ongoing Victim Suffering Increases Prejudice: The Case of Secondary Antisemitism. Psychological Science, 20, 1443-1447.


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Rainer Banse

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