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Literatur: Evolution, 3rd Edition
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Titel:      Evolution, 3rd Edition
Kategorien:      English
BuchID:      105
Autor:      Mark Ridley
ISBN-10(13):      1405103450
Verlag:      Blackwell
Publikationsdatum:      2003-11-07
Edition:      3rd
Number of pages:      778
Sprache:      Englisch
Preis:      46.64 USD
Bewertung:      5 
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Mark Ridley's Evolution has become the premier undergraduate text in the study of evolution. Readable and stimulating, yet well-balanced and in-depth, this text tells the story of evolution, from the history of the study to the most revent developments in evolutionary theory.

The third edition of this successful textbook features updates and extensive new coverage. The sections on adaptation and diversity have been reorganized for improved clarity and flow, and a completely...

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