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Literatur: Human Evolutionary Psychology
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Titel:      Human Evolutionary Psychology
Kategorien:      English
BuchID:      98
Autor:      Louise Barrett , Robin Dunbar , John Lycett
ISBN-10(13):      0333725581
Verlag:      Palgrave
Publikationsdatum:      2001-11-28
Edition:      2001
Number of pages:      438
Sprache:      Englisch
Preis:      20.12 USD
Bewertung:      5 
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Other people and their behaviour are a subject of endless fascination for us. Our understanding of why we behave in certain ways can be greatly enhanced if we take an evolutionary perspective. Understanding the evolutionary pressures that have shaped human behaviour can give us a new insight into why we prefer a good gossip to a lengthy session of algebra, or why children are so good at learning language and so poor at sharing nicely with others.

Human Evolutionary...

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