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Literatur: Evolutionare Ethik? (Philosophie Und Wissenschaft) (German Edition)
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Titel:      Evolutionare Ethik? (Philosophie Und Wissenschaft) (German Edition)
Kategorien:      Deutsch
BuchID:      57
Autor:      Bernd Grafrath , Bernd Gr Frath
ISBN-10(13):      3110153920
Verlag:      De Gruyter
Publikationsdatum:      1997-02-04
Edition:      Reprint 2012 ed.
Number of pages:      260
Sprache:      Deutsch
Preis:      102.99 USD
Bewertung:      0 
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A study of the philosophical programmes, problems and perspectives of socio-biology, examining the question of evolutionary ethics. Socio-biology works from the premiss that the biological categories of Darwinist evolutionary theory are a necessary prerequisite and perhaps adequate to explain "social" behaviour (primarily in animals, but then with reference to humans).

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