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This website contains a list of researchers within the German-speaking area of Europe(mainly Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Its title is "Menschliches Verhalten in Evolutionärer Perspektive" which literally means "Human Behavior in Evolutionary Perspective". Its major aim is to bring together and provide easy access to the adresses of researchers studying human behavior from an evolutionary perspective and to facilitate contacts and cooperation among individuals of a geographically restricted area within which personal contacts are easily possible. In particular, we wish to encourage young researchers to join the list who would otherwise likely go unnoticed.

So far the list contains researchers from such diverse fields like anthropology, various areas of psychology, ethology, philosophy, psychiatry, sociology, education and history. What unites them is the conviction that evolutionary theory is an important framework for studying human behavior.

The website also provides links to international and regional scientific organizations such as HBES, EHBEA, ESS or ISHE.

English-speaking visitors can explore the website by moving their mouse over the link symbols. Texts which are of internal interest only are not available in English.

This website was founded in 1999 by Percy Vogel and Jörg Wettlaufer and is being maintained since 2009 by Benjamin P. Lange, Lars Penke, Nils Seethaler and Sascha Schwarz (currently webmaster)
Note:  "Menschliches Verhalten in Evolutionärer Perspektive" is not an organization.


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