Dr. Felix Riede

Felix Riede

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Field of research: Evolutionäre Archäologie und Biologische Anthropologie

Aarhus Universität
Afdeling for Forhistorisk Arkæologi
8270 Højbjerg
Phone: +45 89 42 46 51 Website

Selected Publications:

RIEDE, F., EDINBOROUGH, K.S.A. & M.G. THOMAS 2009. Tracking Mesolithic Demography in Time and Space and its Implications for Explanations of Culture Change, in P. Crombé, M. Van Strydonck, J. Sergant, M. Bats & M. Boudin (eds.) Chronology and Evolution in the Mesolithic of N(W) Europe. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 181-199.

RIEDE, F. 2009. The loss and re-introduction of bow-and-arrow technology: a case study from the Southern Scandinavian Late Palaeolithic. Lithic Technology, 34(1), pp. 27-45.

RIEDE, F. 2009. Climate change, demography and social relations: an alternative view of the Late Palaeolithic pioneer colonization of Southern Scandinavia, in S. McCartan, R. Schulting, G. Warren & P. Woodman (eds.), Mesolithic Horizons: Papers presented at the Seventh International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Belfast 2005. Oxford: Oxbow, pp. 3-10.

RIEDE, F. 2009. Tangled Trees: Modelling Material Culture Evolution as Host-Associate Co-Speciation, in S.J. Shennan (ed.) Pattern and Process in Cultural Evolution. Berkeley, CA.: University of California Press, pp. 85-98.

RIEDE, F. & M. CLASEN 2009. Arkæologi, in (

RIEDE, F. & M. CLASEN 2009. Antropologi, in (

RIEDE, F. & M. CLASEN 2009. Kultur, in (

RIEDE, F. & O. BAZELY 2009. Testing the ‘Laacher See hypothesis’: A health hazard perspective. Journal of Archaeological Science 36(3), pp. 675-683.

TEHRANI, J. & F. RIEDE 2008. The role of pedagogy in the transmission and maintenance of cultural traditions. World Archaeology 40(3), pp. 316-331.

RIEDE, F. 2008. Review of: Coles, B.J. 2006. Beavers in Britain’s Past. WARP Occasional Paper 19. Oxford: Oxbow. x+242 pages, 158 illustrations; ISBN 978-1-84217-2261 paperback. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (

RIEDE, F. 2008. Maglemosian Memes: Technological Ontogeny, Craft Traditions and the Evolution of Northern European Barbed Points, in M.J. O’Brien (ed.) Cultural Transmission and Archaeology: Issues and Case Studies. Washington, D.C.: Society for American Archaeology Press, pp. 178-189.

RIEDE, F. & R.A. BENTLEY 2008. Increasing the relevance of mathematical approaches to demographic history. Quality and Quantity 42(2), pp. 275-281.

RIEDE, F. 2008. The Laacher See-eruption (12,920 BP) and material culture change at the end of the Allerød in Northern Europe. Journal of Archaeological Science 35(3), pp. 591-599.

RIEDE, F. 2007. Der Laacher See-Ausbruch und urgeschichtlicher Kulturwandel am Ende des Alleröd. Eine neue Hypothese zum Ursprung der Bromme Kultur und des Perstunien in Nordeuropa. Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für Urgeschichte 16, pp. 25-54.

RIEDE, F. 2007. The Laacher See Project. The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research Annual Report 2006-2007, p. 44.

RIEDE, F. 2007. Evolutionary Archaeology, in The Semiotics Encyclopedia Online (

RIEDE, F. 2007. Niche Construction, in The Semiotics Encyclopedia Online (

RIEDE, F. 2007. ‘Stretched thin, like butter on too much bread…’: some thoughts about journeying in the unfamiliar landscapes of late Palaeolithic Southern Scandinavia, in V. Cummings & R. Johnston (eds.) Prehistoric Journeys. Oxford: Oxbow Books, pp. 8-20.

RIEDE, F. 2006. Review of Stephen Oppenheimer’s The Origin of the British. A Genetic Detective Story and Bryan Sykes’ Blood of the Isles. Exploring the genetic roots of our tribal history. British Archaeology 92(Jan/Feb 2007), p. 52.

RIEDE, F. 2006. The Scandinavian Connection: The Roots of Darwinian Archaeology in 19th-Century Scandinavian Archaeology. Bulletin for the History of Archaeology 16(1), pp. 4-19.

RIEDE, F. 2006. Chaîne Opératoire – Chaîne Evolutionaire. Putting Technological Sequences in Evolutionary Context. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 21(1), pp. 50-75.

RIEDE, F. 2006. Review of Maurice Bloch’s Essays on Cultural Transmission. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 21(1), pp. 158-161.

RIEDE, F. 2005. Darwin vs. Bourdieu. Celebrity Deathmatch or Postprocessual Myth? Prolegomenon for the Reconciliation of Agentive-Interpretative and Ecological-Evolutionary Archaeology, in H. Cobb, S. Price, L. Grimshaw & F. Coward (eds.) Investigating Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Identities: Case Studies from Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Europe. British Archaeological Report (International Series) 1411. Oxford: Oxbow Books, pp. 45-64.

RIEDE, F. 2005. To Boldly Go Where No (Hu-)Man Has Gone Before. Some Thoughts on the Pioneer Colonisations of Pristine Landscapes. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 20(1), pp. 20-38.

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